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Louis XIV, son of Louis XIII (1601-43) and Spanish Queen Anne of Austria (1601-67), was born on September 5, 1638 in the Château of St. Germain. Louis XIV was hailed as a miracle due to being the King and Queen’s first child after 23 years of marriage, and the newborn Dauphin was referred to as “Dieudonné” meaning the gift of God (Lewis 4). Cardinal Richelieu, who arguable founded the system that was eventually perfected by Louis XIV, had controlled effective government under Louis XIII and was the virtual ruler of France from 1624 until his death (Matthews et al. 386). When Richelieu passed, Anne of Austria ensured that power should only pass into the hands of Cardinal Mazarin Jules Mazarin (1602-61), a trusted ally of both her and Richelieu (Judge 2). On May 14, 1643, Louis XIII died while his son was…show more content…
The wars lasted until 1653. In 1661, Mazarin passed, and at age 23, Louis XIV took power of the government, marking the beginning of a period. Louis would rule alone, only asking advice at his discretion (Judge 2). He approached his rule with the beliefs that the functions and duty of a king were to wage war and secure recognition of his glory, and he soon proved that the King was to be absolute, adopting the name “the Sun King” in tying himself to the God Apollo (Judge 16). He inherited this absolutism, the claim to rule by divine right and based off of monarchical authority. Absolute monarchs were not limited; they controlled all competing interest groups, regulated all religious sects, kept the law and armed forces under exclusive control, and dominance was often established through the threat of punishment and violence. An absolute monarch was responsible to God alone (Lossky

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