Louis Xiv : The Powerful Ruler Of French History

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From the start of his life, Louis XIV was destined to be the most powerful ruler in French history. Born in 1683 in France to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, he was next in line to the throne under his father. The first of many obstacles in his life was presented in 1643, when Louis XIII died and left Louis XIV to the throne at the age of 5; causing him to quickly adjust to the King lifestyle. Throughout his life beginning in his early childhood, Louis XIV was faced with difficulties that molded him to become the most prominent ruler in French History, allowing him to be able to make France a major economic, military and cultural power by the time of his death. Louis came into power at the young age of 5. Knowing he would not be able to run the country at this age, Louis’ mother and Cardinal Mazarin, the minister of France, took control of the government so Louis had time to be prepared. Louis spent his adolescence training and was crowned in 1654. Cardinal Mazarin died in 1661 and after his death, Louis began to make actions that reflected the beginning of an absolute government. He made a decision to not have a replacement for Cardinal Mazarin, but to take that position into his own hands, giving him more control over the government. Along with that, Louis also asked his court officials to agree to give him full obedience, and to allow him to run the government with no help (Louis XIV). Doing this, Louis made an impact on his assistants and people working in the…

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