Louis Xiv : The Powerful Ruler Of French History

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From the start of his life, Louis XIV was destined to be the most powerful ruler in French history. Born in 1683 in France to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, he was next in line to the throne under his father. The first of many obstacles in his life was presented in 1643, when Louis XIII died and left Louis XIV to the throne at the age of 5; causing him to quickly adjust to the King lifestyle. Throughout his life beginning in his early childhood, Louis XIV was faced with difficulties that molded him to become the most prominent ruler in French History, allowing him to be able to make France a major economic, military and cultural power by the time of his death. Louis came into power at the young age of 5. Knowing he would not be able to…show more content…
This was the first step that Louis XIV took to creating his Absolute government that in later years would make France a strong power in Western Europe and all of Western Civilization. Louis XIV wanted to exert his absolute power over all aspects of French society, religiously, economically and culturally. Louis XIV made various economic reforms for France, with the help of Jean Baptiste Colbert, Louis’ finance minister, who believed in the idea of a self-sufficient economic system. He increased the taxes on the citizens which increased the power of the intendants, people who collect taxes for the King. Colbert and Louis agreed to give government funds to French companies so the economy could flourish. Higher taxes were placed on goods from other countries, so citizens would begin to buy French goods. Louis also encouraged people to move to the French-Canadian colony, to create for land for trade and wealth (The Reign of Louis XIV). Doing this, Louis was able to control society more than ever and exert his Absolute rule over all of French society. All of these economic reforms made France self-sufficient and a larger power in Europe. The money gained could be used to fight in wars that would expand France 's boundaries, or to spread the arts throughout France. These reforms caused other countries to see France as a higher power in Europe and create a strong reputation for Louis XIV as a ruler. For Louis XIV to
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