Essay about Louis Xiv and Absolutism

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A symbol of French Absolutism Louis XIV was one of France’s most effective and powerful monarchs. He strengthened his rule with a policy of absolutism. Where the king gained authority directly from God or the divine right to rule. There were no legal limits to the powers that the king could exercise, however, during his rule a monarch had certain influential groups of people who the king needed to negotiate and consult in order to establish an effective functioning government. Among these groups where the land owning nobility, royal officer nobles, the royal commissioners, the Catholic Church, the bourgeoisie and the peasants. More notably seen the King Louis XIV is regarded as the “sun king” because of the great grandeur he…show more content…
First examining the past nine year to see that even though taxes were lowered he claims revenues have increased due to improved collection strategies(page,92). Colbert tells the king that he feels that the current ratio of taxation to the amount of money in circulation is too high. Therefore, he suggests the king do one of two things. Either decrease amount of tax and expenditures or to put more money into circulation in the realm. Colbert’s goal in the memorandum was to incite the king to introduce measures to promote economic development in France and to do so urging him to cut down the amount of money spent on war that is draining the wealth. This memorandum shows the juxtaposition of having a king in power who believed in extending his glory through warfare and later on the palace of Versailles. Therefore, much of Colbert’s suggestions were never implemented or he was even unable to achieve what he hoped they did. To further exasperate this tension between Colbert and the king who had opposing views on economic policy their was a major flaw in the king’s taxation policies that were not uniform throughout France. Revealing the absolutism of the king’s policy on taxation was one were on any given year all he had to do was declare in council how much he would tax for that year. Although he could levy whatever tax he wanted the ways of collecting these taxes proved difficult and required some
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