Louis Xiv 's Influence On The World War II

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Karl Johnson A Block, History Lisa Feirtag The Sun God Louis XIV is known for his powerful approach to rule. For example, within foreign policy, pressing the invasion of the Spanish Netherlands in 1667, boldly deeming it his wife 's rightful inheritance. The conflict was named, The War of Devolution, and lasted a year. France lost, although Louis XIV did not give up, and engaged in the great Franco-Dutch War from 1672 to 1678. During the war, France managed to acquire more land and the victory promoted France to the status of a dominant power. After all, Louis XIV was known to France as the Sun King, the most powerful and god-like being on earth, he couldn’t stand for defeat. This new dominant status, coupled with Louis XIV 's audacious campaigns to constantly expand territory through the use of military force, positioned France as an immediate threat to other European nations, and positioned Louis XIV as a looming figure over all of Europe. Louis XIV thought of war as the sport of Kings, and he put a lot into his favorite pastime. Louis XIV was born September 5, 1638 in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France. He became king and official leader of 19 million French in 1643 at the age of four years old. Rather than a scholarly education, Louis XIV was educated in practicality and logic. Louis’s first goal as king was to centralize and rein in total control of France. He did this by establishing reforms that cut France’s deficit, promoted industrial growth, created an organized

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