Louise Élisabeh Vige Le Brun

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Each period has its artistic characteristics. The Baroque was a style in art that it stark contrast between light and dark. The Northern Renaissance gave so much attention and care and detail and clarity to objects. There are two different artists. Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun was one of the artists of the Late Baroque period of the 18th-century. Jan van Eyck was one of the famous artists of Northern Renaissance art of the 15th century. I will describe and compare the Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun and Jan van Eyck's artworks. Also, I will discuss their careers, their styles, and life.

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (born April 16, 1755, Paris, France - died March 30, 1842, Paris) was a best-known French painter. She had an artist father,
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He joined the Renaissance, Flemish School movement. He is called the father of oil painting. Little is known about his early life and background. Until 1425, he worked as a painter and restoring pictures at the court of Duke Johann of Bavaria in The Hague. In the remaining years of his life, he worked as court artist to Philip the Good (31 July 1396 - 15 June 1467) who liked his realistic painting. His painting was detailedly realistic depictions and natural light. He often painted with many religious subjects and portrait artworks. Most of his artworks were humanism because he primarily emphasized on the humans in his paintings. The major Netherlandish painters of this period were Rogier van der Weyden(1399 or 1400- 18 June 1464), Jan van Eyck, Dieric Bouts (1415- 6 May 1475). The artists were influenced by the Early Italian Renaissance. The characteristics of this period were rich colors, attention to detail, realism, frescoes, and a religious work. Since the 15th century artists had no art supply stores, they should grind pigments and add egg to make paints. It called tempura. The artist of Portrait of a Man in a Turban is Jan van Eyck. The medium is oil on oak. Dimensions are 19.0 x 25.7. He used many firebrick, sienna, black, and burly-wood colors. The Current location of this…show more content…
They lived totally different live in different countries and periods. They used different main colors. The atmosphere of their painting was different. The Jan van Eyck used dark colors and dark mood. He mainly focused on the details. But the Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun used primarily bright colors and elegant ambience. She mostly focused on the soft flattering style. I prefer the Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun's painting, Marie- Antoinette with the Rose. This is because I like the beautiful subject and the sophisticated atmosphere. When I see other works she created, I admire the beautiful subjects, atmospheres. I think she was apparently some kind of
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