Louise Erdrich The Round House

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The author of The Round House is Louise Erdrich . Louise is the author of fifteen novels. Children’s books , volumes of poetry , and a memoir of early motherhood. Louise had won the National Book Award for fiction, for her book The Round House. Louise was the oldest of seven children. Born July 6, 1954. Growing up in Wahpeton , South Dakota. As a child Louise was encouraged by her parents to start writing stories, as she got older she kept journals . Louise attended many colleges. In 1972, Louise attended Dartmouth College, majoring in English and creative writing. 1979 went to Johns Hopkins University to get her Master of Arts degree. After graduating from Hopkins Louise she began her novel Tracks and worked at The Circle , which was a…show more content…
Louise and Dorris collaborated on all their project and wrote notes to one another in their books. The couple had a odd system with their books. When they worked on a book together both of their names went on the cover , but when on would write the entire first initial draft , that person was the author. In 1991 they published their co-author novel The Crown of Columbus . The book was four hundred pages about a love affair between two writers . Louise and Dorris had also co-authored a book of travel essays Route Two. After fifteen years of marriage Michael Dorris had committed suicide . Louise had told everyone that her husband was depressed and suicidal throughout their marriage. Before her husband had killed himself their oldest child had been killed in a car accident in 1991. After all of this happening Louise moved to Minneapolis , just a few hours away from her parents in South Dakota. Louise won the Pushcart Prize in poetry , the O. Henry prize for short fiction, the Western Literary Association Award, the Guggenheim
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