Louisian A Compilation Of French And Spanish Culture

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Louisiana is a compilation of French and Spanish cultures that merged with American ways of life to create a state filled with rich history and potential. Founded in the early 1700s by European explorers, Louisiana was viewed as a gold mine for traders who planned to take advantage of the state’s geographical closeness to the Mississippi River . The land of Louisiana is home to very diverse culture clusters of people. These culture clusters include “original Indian inhabitants, plus the descendants of a variety of settlers, among whom were the French, Spanish, English, German, Acadians, West Indians, Africans, Irish and Italians and now include almost every nationality on earth. ” The diversity of people, languages, and cultures in Louisiana gives the state a southern uniqueness. Constitution of Louisiana Early French and Spanish settlers influenced the legal system in Louisiana. The state constitution has been amended nine times, with it last being modified in 1974. Like the constitution of the nation, the Louisiana constitution includes a bill of rights and amendments that cater to a specific type of people within this respective state. The French influence over government can explain why districts in Louisiana are called parishes, which are simply territorial divisions of land that are equivalent to a county within a state. There are currently 64 parishes in Louisiana. Within each parish there is: a judicial system, a mayor, a board of education, and a varied

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