Louisiana Territory Essay

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On May 14, 1804, our journey began to the explore the Louisiana Territory.We set out early in the morning, our plan is to explore eight miles a day or more if we can.Lewis began to map out the landscape of the unexplored territory we saw many plants that had not been seen before.Eight days passed since we began the journey it was going well we finally began to walk on land after traveling about 40 miles on water. While traveling we found many species of plants, we found a plant when touched gives a rash that spread when scratched.We got to a part of the country where there are many bears.We took shifts sleeping to protect each other.One night I could not sleep because of fear of a bear attack, later that night I heard growling from a bear then some of the men yelling followed by shooting.…show more content…
Another man yelled,“Don’t let the bear reach the others it will be certain death for them.” As the months went on we began to lose more and more food.I overheard Lewis and Clark speaking about the situation. Lewis said to Clark,”If we don’t figure out are food situation then we will lose more men as we go on we need to keep as many men as we
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