How Did Toussaint Loverture Contribute To The Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution was time of hectic blood shed war. Toussaint Louverture was the leader of the Haitians out of slavery and free from the Spanish. The colony of St. Domingue was a slave island, where slaves would work to make goods to be sent to Spain in return for nothing. The people were treated harsh and done wrong but by the efforts of Louverture they will become free. Louverture was the leader of the revolution but failed to complete his duties because of capture Jean- Jacques Dessalines took over in 1802. He was captured before the war before the end of the war. The Revolution lasted from 1789-1803 until everything was settled and St. Domingue was a free land called Haiti.

Toussaint Louverture was a free man of color in the
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France tried to compromise with the Haitians by offering freedom to the slaves that fought in the army but the wasn’t really freedom. They would fight until they died and would never have actual free will.

Toussaint was captured by Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother- in- law Charles Le Clerc (Katz), He was tricked into thinking he was going to talk about freedom for his people but when he arrived to the boat, Le Clerc captured him and brought him back to Napoleon were he was put in jail and later killed.

Louverture died without the completion of the rebellion. “Toussaint Louverture died in Fort de Joux on April 7, 1803, unaware that his army would rally behind the leadership of his former general, Jean Jacques Dessalines, to win the colony's independence for good”. (The Louverture project) Dessalines brought the troops together and took over has leader; he led the Haitians to freedom in 1803 for good.

Louverture was a very smart military leader and was one of the best strategizes of all time. Toussaint like many military leaders was fighting for what he believed in and what he thought was right. He was a slave and knows how it was to be property of another human. “I have neglected nothing at Saint Domingo for the welfare of the island; I have robbed myself of rest to contribute to it; I have sacrificed everything for it. I have made it my duty and pleasure to develop the resources of this beautiful colony. Zeal, activity,
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