Love : A Short Story

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I wake up at 6:30 every morning jump in the shower, put on some clothes, and slap that smile on my face that my mom reminds me of every morning. This is how this school year has begun and maybe will continue to go. I’m hiding behind this curtain 24/7 trying to hide the emotion of how I really feel every day. It wasn’t always this way though. About two months ago I hopped on a plan to face a new adventure where I was hoping to find my myself and discover my future. I learned a lot over this month away from home. I learned what it meant to live for one purpose, and know that love is something greater than our understanding of it, and that we may never face on earth. I developed a sense of wonder for purpose and passion. Little did I know that this month would fly by and after this spiritual high came down the test would begin. I sat in bed with tears flowing down my cheeks. I was feeling many things that first night half way across the world. I felt homesick, but I also felt at peace knowing that what was happening in my heart was greater than any experience I would encounter in my life so far. That first week I was there I listened to many speakers who had very powerful messages that I will forever hold in my heart. One in particular though hit me. This speakers name was Jensen Franklin and that night he shared a story based on the book The Girl with No Name. This book shares and true story of a young girl who was kidnapped and left to die in the jungle. In that jungle
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