Love And Beauty In Christopher Marowe's The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

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Love and beauty is a prominent phenomenon throughout the world and it was very popular in the Elizabethan age. A poet by the name Christopher Marlowe during this age also talks about loving someone unconditionally in some of his poems. He says, "Why should you love him whom the world hates so? Because he loves me more than all the world"(Marlowe, Edward III). From this quote, it can be discerned that Marlowe emphasizes love and its importance in the world. He uses various significant poetic devices such as imagery, alliteration, allusion and so many others to describe love and beauty in his poems and to explain how it affects our everyday life.
In the poem "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love", the poet uses alliteration to add importance and emphasis to add to the meaning of the poem. In the poem, the speaker is asking his lover to come and be with him forever and that he will endeavor to make sure she enjoys all the pleasures of the world. (Marlowe, Lines 1-8). The poet is telling his lover that he would make her happy in every way he can if she accepts his proposal. He assures his lover that there will be many delights and that they will enjoy all the pleasures that nature has to offer them (Marlowe, lines 1-24). Marlowe uses alliteration such as "The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing" (line 20) and other examples to illustrate, describe and emphasize how happy he would be if his lover agrees to come live with him. This use of alliteration helps to bring out the emotion of joy and happiness which the poet would feel if his lover agrees to live with him.
In addition to the use of alliteration, the poet also uses imagery to enable his lover to use imagine all the pleasures he describes in the poem. He uses imagery such as "and I will make thee beds of roses", "with buckles of the purest gold" and also "a thousand fragrant poises" (Marlowe, line 9, 16 and 10) to describe all the things that he will make sure his lover enjoys and is satisfied with her life with him. He uses Imagery to promise his lover a life of luxury with no need for sorrow or tears but instead will be filled with happiness and most importantly love. The speaker connects to the overall theme of the poem by using imagery to emphasize

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