Love And Honor Through The Ages. Love Can Do Crazy Things

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Love and Honor Through the Ages Love can do crazy things to many individuals; making them crazy or mad, dying from a possible broken heart, or even killing themselves or someone else. During the Middle Ages, love was termed as chivalry or noble love, and then romantic love in the Nineteenth Century of Romanticism. I will discover and show how it changed during the periods of literature with the materials we have studied in this class. Let’s start at the beginning---it’s a very good place to start. Courtly love and chivalry were depicted in The Knights Tale by Chaucer. Two knightly brothers, Palamon and Arcite, fall in love with the same woman. According to the rules of chivalry, they are willing to protect one another at all…show more content…
“I have here, with my cousin Palamon, / Had strife and rancor many a day that’s gone, / For love of you and for my jealousy, / May Jove so surely guide my soul for me, / To speak about a lover with properly, / With all the circumstances, faithfully, / That is to say truth, honour, and knighthood, / Wisdom humility and kinship good, / And generous soul and all the lover’s art / So now may Jove have in my soul his part / As in this world, right now, I know of none / So worthy to be loved as Palamon / Who serves you and will do so all his life / And if you ever should become a wife, / Forget not Palamon, the noble man” (Chaucer 1925-1939). First and foremost, a knight was expected to act honorably in his presentation in battles and in his treatment of women. Common with the times in which this and the next story were written, the Middle Ages was the expression of chivalry. Depicted within these stories, the “unwavering valor in the face of danger, loyalty to one’s leader and companions, and an intense concern for personal honor” (Lawall 1145) are shown multiple times over. Consequently, throughout the story, Arcite and Palamon faltered in their knightly code, much like the knights in the next story, Malory’s The Knight of the Cart. Here we find Lancelot and Meliagrance in love with Queen Guenever. Meliagrance deceitfully captures Guenever showing his
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