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From the time I was born, I had always had an interest in males. I vividly remember being in my elementary classroom where we had to pick reading buddies. I instantly went to the first older boy I saw, and was immediately disappointed when the teacher did not let me read with him. Of course, this did not stop me, and I continued my kindergarten career chasing after a boy in my class, making him hold my hand every time we went to recess. Alas, this crush continued until middle school, and I will always remember this boy as my first-first love at sight. Despite the infatuation my six year old self found herself in, there laid a sort of mystery around girls. It was not until I was in sixth grade when I started developing an inclining around…show more content…
It wasn’t till my sophomore year in highschool, when I finally began to make sense of myself. I researched all I could, and spent multiple hours a day googling random questions such as “I like boys, but I also like girls?” and “How to stop staring at other girls because I think they are pretty?” By the end of my sophomore year, I was no longer confused on who I loved, but scared about how to show it. By my junior year I had met a girl. I was instantly attracted to her, and as I was tired of hiding my feelings, I begun talking to her. I felt a similar infatuation that I had once felt in kindergarten. Furthermore, my relationship with this woman was exactly how my relationships with men went. Everything was exactly the same, even the happiness I felt. I believed I truly found who I was, and this was a person who was capable of loving everyone. Despite how my first girlfriend ended up cheating on me, this relationship was crucial to who I was learning to accept and become. In this, one of the most important accomplishments and realizations in my life was learning how to love myself, for all that I was, including the people I love. Further, I can now serve as an advocate for LGBTQ rights, and equality for all regardless of sexual preference, gender, and identity. Through the period of darkness I was faced with accepting my sexuality, I learned that there is much light in the word,

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