Love And Marriage : A Discussion

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Love and Marriage – A discussion
Throughout history, love and marriage have been intertwined, sometimes in the most basic and comprehensible ways and some other times in the most bizarre and outright ridiculous ones. We focus on the effects of globalization so acutely, that the changing faces of love and marriage are sometimes not observed. Though the change is subtle, it nonetheless is present. Coontz (2005) describes traditional marriage to be as evident as getting a job. In retrospect, it is hard to comprehend that those who did not marry were considered downright sinners. Today, we see so many variations of love and marriage. The society has opened its hearts and minds to same-sex marriages, live-in relationships, inter-caste marriages and open-marriages. Governments around the world are coming to terms with this change and the freedom to the choice of marriage or not, is being supported by laws which can protect the individuals in it.
(Kotler 1996) describes love being the essence of non-violence. This was the love towards other human beings, towards world peace. During the Vietnam War, of the non-violence techniques used to communicate with the leaders of the war, I found self-immolation the most profound in the sense that it actually achieved a positive result. One might think that this contradicts the concept of healthy love and respect for oneself, but looking closely into the Vietnam war, I think it was a courageous act of love. To find such love today in the
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