Love And Marriage : The Differences Between Love Vs. Marriage

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Hearts beating, minds in frenzies, and everything seems to be outlined in silver and gold. It is said that not even God himself can bring a person down from this high and that is being in love. Most think that love will help anyone overcome anything that might have happened or what can happen to them. It is also said it will make relationships and marriages last until the end of time. This belief is highly unrealistic, painful, and a mere fantasy. When people marry only because of the fact that they are in love, then the marriage will not last. This statement, no matter how cynical it might sound, has been proven time and time again. With marriages they are all the same in one sense, and that the definition of it; it is simply a civil…show more content…
Three words that are said to person can hold a lot of power and make the strongest crumble if these are used against them. But, one tends to ignore all the lurking shadows and dangers if those words are reciprocated, as well as the feelings. In my case, my great grandfather has had three marriages and two ending in divorce. The first one was to my grandmother’s mother and they got married in high school because she fell pregnant and they were in love so, c'est la vie. What they didn’t take into account was life. Love couldn’t put money in the bank, food on the table, or have any real pull in the outside world. So, they were married for less than five years and had a divorce on their fifth anniversary. Stress and life tore them apart, it didn’t mean they didn’t love each other because to this day my grandfather says that she was and still is his true love, but he cannot ever be married to her because they are too different and will never work together. Now in my grandfather’s generation, he was apart of when divorce rates spiked from 11% to 50 % in and around the fifties, according to what Susan Pease Gadoua wrote. In marriages love was not always a factor. In fact, it was not introduced into society until the Victorian Era and The Industrial Revolution. Divorce rates were almost never heard of before love was introduced and put hand in hand with
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