Love And Relationship In Shakespeare's 'Milun'

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Milun is a story about a knight who is in love with a mistress, but are unable to be together as she is forced to marry a wealthy baron. Milun’s and mistress’s uncontrollable lust and love consequently cause them to conceive a child together. The fear of their affair being shown in broad daylight causes them to send their child to live with his aunt. Milun entrusts his son with a ring as a parting gift so that he would be able to recognize him when he gets older. Milun and his mistress are separated from each other in order to hide their relationship. They maintained their relationship for twenty years by communicating in a unique way. They were able to send messages to each other through a swan. This was done by making the goose fast making the goose hungry so that it would go back to the place where it knows it will surely be fed. Within the time gap of twenty years, their son grows older and learns about his father and all his chivalrous actions. In the excitement of knowing his father’s virtues Milun’s son sets out on a journey to find him. We are able to see that in order to maintain a reputation one must have honor and integrity even if it means sacrificing personal desires. In order to have honor and integrity one must be able to sacrifice their own personal happiness. In lines 279-280 “For twenty years they lived like this, Milun and his mistress.” It shows how Milun and the mistress have been in a secret relationship for twenty years and still not have eloped. If

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