Love And Relationships: Is It True That Love Conquers All?

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Love and Relationships

Is it true that love conquers all?
The pages of history are filled with accounts of love's conquests. From the Northern to the Southern hemisphere, from the sun's rising in the East to its setting in the West, love has travelled far and wide and has yet to quench its thirst. There have been periods in the past where love's power and influence has gone unrivalled by any other force, natural or otherwise. I remember sailing to a now submerged continent that love had conquered absolutely and where it had set up a dictatorship. The people were subjected to the ever-changing whims of love; they would be ordered to watch sunrises and sunsets and instead of sleeping during the night they would be made to stare longingly into the eyes of their partner. At other times, they were ordered to go without food and instead made to serenade parters from below their windows, come rain or shine. Others were made to faint at the sight of their loved ones and often injured themselves upon impact with the ground or the edge of a table or chair. Thanks to love's excesses people were sleep deprived, riddled in bruises, constantly catching colds and flu as well as suffering from diseases associated with malnourishment. So in summary, yes love can
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This is all a little sudden for me. I mean it's a 7 season TV series with nearly 15 episodes per season for a total running time of 105 hours. That's a big investment and I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment. I want to take things slower and at a more even pace. Yes I want to be spontaneous too but to call in sick and then hole up in a house for a week gorging ourselves seems like a kind of madness. Will we even be able to remember it when we're done? I want to look forward to it and it feels like it will become a chore or something to persevere with. Don't get me wrong I want to share boxsets with you too but... Oh hell, I just need some time to think about
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