Love As A Goal And An Obstacle

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Love is an obstacle that people face and must overcome rather than a goal people strive towards.
Compare and contrast the presentation of love as a goal and an obstacle in the texts ‘Candide’ and ‘The Alchemist’.

Both texts depict specific theories about the stance love takes in our lives - in Candide, the 18th century novel written by the French historian and philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire, love is presented as the ultimate goal, however also the reason for the occurrence of Candide’s arduous endeavours, made sweet with the constant droning of the mantra ‘all is for the best’. While Candide suffers hardships throughout his journey to reclaim the love he had with his beloved Cunégonde, he refrains from thinking or believing love to be an obstacle in his life. However in The Alchemist the 1988 novel written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, love is portrayed to be, as thought by young Santiago, a restrictive force stopping one from pursuing his/her ‘personal legend’. However, love is also portrayed to be a personal goal of the protagonist - which creates a peculiar paradox in which the reader must decide which of the portrayals of love outweighs the other in truth. While in pursuit of his ‘personal legend’, Santiago assumes that his love for Fatima is indeed an obstacle that he must overcome in order to continue pursuing his destiny – and so leaves the woman of the desert for the desert. Candide fails to let go of his love for Cunégonde while Santiago
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