Love Between The Eyes Bound Together Across Time And Space

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Two souls bound together across time and space. The love between the protagonist, Odysseus, and his beloved wife Penelope in enduring and everlasting in the Odyssey. The hardships they both endure make each of them stronger individuals and stronger together despite the distance between them. This strength they share becomes especially apparent as she laments of her sufferings to a strange man when all hope is lost. Penelope sharing her story about weaving and unweaving the shroud for her husband’s father illustrates how deep her sorrow is for her lost Odysseus, and how she has retained her honor while being faithful to her lost husband despite all her troubles and anguish. The context in which Penelope shares her tale of woe is particularly ironic. After she scolds her servant for being rude to the beggar in her home, she sits him down to find out who he is. However, he declines to share and she instead tells him of her heartache. She tells of how she has done everything in her power to ward off the suitors, but pressures are mounting and she does not know what else to do. Penelope’s “parents are pressing [her] to marry” and “[her] son agonizes over the fact that these men are devouring his inheritance” (Lombardo, 2000, p. 295). She shares all of this with someone she assumes is a stranger to she and her family, however it is in fact her lost Odysseus. In Penelope’s eyes, she has no one left to turn to, and instead seeks solace in the company of a man off the street she
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