Love For The First Time

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When you fall in love for the first time you think you are high in the sky (and no, not in that way). Everything is beautiful, colorful, and perfect; at least that’s how I felt. When I had my first boyfriend, I felt free and careless, There weren’t bad days and I felt complete because he was by my side. Finally, someone understood my bad jokes and weird sense of humor. It was the best time of my life, and after a long time, I felt happy. I know it sounds cliché, but that’s how stupidly happy love can make you. We have met for six years, he was in the same school as me and he later confesses to me 3 months after our graduation. Well, I push him a little bit, because he was afraid that I would reject him or that it would ruin our friendship, but I told him that I felt the same way, and since then we were together for two years as an official couple. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. He had a friend who spent a lot of time with him, and I guess that little by little he started to get feelings for her, he did the right thing and told me about it before he could cheat on me. We end up on good terms and till this day we talk to each other as good friends because either way our relationship at that point (last few months) felt empty and it was like we got bored of each other, we realized that what we felt was not love in a romantic way, but as friends. We care for each other because we’ve known for six years. I had to admit that he hurt me at first and I was blind with anger
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