Love From First Sight Essay

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Love from First Sight

Is there anyone who did not have “Love” in his life? Love is one the most powerful words that we could hear and it is an important element in our life. It is the first feeling that you have been treated by since you were born and opened your eyes. Could you count how many love words that you heard in your life? I do not believe you can because of how many times it has been said to you by your parents or relatives. The first people who love in your life are your parents. They loved you before you were born and they had all that much of love since they loved each other and decided to have a son or daughter. I lived in a society that did not believe in love before marriage. Even the marriages had to be in the traditional way. Our society believes that love only comes after marriage which is something I strongly disagree with. I believe that marriage has to be after a relationship in which both side feel that they have found the right person. I dreamed many times to be in love with a woman that can understand me more than myself and knew how I felt. I do not want to destroy myself because of the criticisms of our society. All the challenges by society made me think and ask myself if there is anyone that had the same feelings that I had? Was there anyone who believed in love from first sight in our society? Was it real or was just something of our imagination? I believe in love from first sight now more than ever. It is real and exists and it happens
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