Love Has Always Been A Controversial Issue Throughout Centuries.

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Love has always been a controversial issue throughout centuries. However, it was, and is, still one of the most popular topics in literature.One cannot help but be reminded of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when that particular topic is brought up, which is one of the finest examples on this topic. Despite all the literary works written about love, love itself remains unexplained. The questions “why” and “when” is often asked –it can usually be answered vaguely or deeply, but sometimes it remains unanswered.

Similar to the nature of love, some stories also don’t have a beginning or end. Anton Chekov has been acknowledged to be the master of this kind of stories. People sometimes describe those stories as “a slice of life”. The Lady with …show more content…

Unaware when exactly he got so involved with this woman, and probably had an epiphany moment (Gurov’s being the moment he decided to go to the town of S..., right after the constant thinking of Anna, when he acknowledges that his love is “more noble” than his boring “socially acceptable life” in Moscow.

Throughout the first parts of the story where Anna and Gurov became lovers, there are moments where Gurov feel generally cheerful. It can be understood by the description their surroundings. Even though the story is written in the third person, it is still from Gurov’s perspective, however, Gurov’s perspective being in action is still visible towards the endings . This situation sheds light into the emotional state of Gurov at that moment.One example to those unconsciously peaceful moments is in the very beginning, when the two take a walk right after being introduced: They strolled along, remarking on the strange light over the sea. The water was a warm, tender purple, the moonlight lay on its surface in a golden strip.
The scene looks completely ordinary, yet there are traces of positive emotions in the descriptions of the water and the moonlight. This particular moment is seemingly not that significant, however, gives the reader a sense that Gurov obviously feel better in the presence of this particular woman, that this woman is like no other woman he had affairs with. In other words,

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