Love, Haste and Contrasts in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Love, Haste and Contrasts in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In this assignment, I will be looking at the play of Romeo and Juliet. I will analyse how Shakespeare has used language in the play for symbolic effect. I will observe on how Shakespeare has presented love and the way in which Romeo and Juliet talk to each other, I shall decide whether their love was real and talk about their parents contrasting views and opinions. I will also comment on the plays relevance today and see how Shakespeare has used dramatic devices and structures to enhance the conversation between the young lovers. Throughout the play there is a constant theme of love and fate, I shall analyse this theme and show how…show more content…
The tank subtly brings their virtual selves closer through magnification, while it separates their real selves completely. They are so close, yet cannot touch, and so near to being able to love each other freely, yet so far away. In the play, this scene sets the atmosphere up as being magical and, perhaps in the end, impossible. At Capulet's ball, we can contrast pure and innocent love with the violence and hatred of Tybalt. Capulet, as a gracious host, praises Romeo 'virtuous and well-governed youth' and asks Tybalt to 'endure' him. This is a well-intentioned act by Capulet but it arouses the anger of Tybalt 'convert to bitterest gall'. Tybalt later issues a challenge to Romeo and it results in the death of Mercutio, Tybalt and the banishment of Romeo, which darkens the plays atmosphere. Romeo's use of language changes from his earlier speeches, before he was agonising over Rosaline using oxymoron's to portray how tormented and confused he felt. He was only thinking of himself and claiming how 'lovesick' he was: 'A madness most discreet, A choking gall and a preserving sweet.' By saying 'a madness most discreet', Romeo turns a well-known phrase 'love is a madness' into an oxymoron, it reflects his infuriation over his current situation with love. Romeo's over-use of oxymoron's sound unreal, if he were really in love with Rosaline he would be happy instead of being
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