Love Hurts

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Love Hurts

The air stream was strong, and the wind whistled through open windows; it was the dead of night and the street looked as lifeless and forlorn as ever. The cobbles still remained unscathed, as if nobody had wanted to pace onto that territory. The dense gardens of boarded up houses lay untouched, whilst houses which were occupied had the same warmth glow that homes have, like the homes where families live in and play in their gardens for the duration of summer. Although this convivial street had lit up windows, only one street light remained operational, all the same it still flickered intermittently, sometimes leaving the street in obscurity for hours, and then there will be that unambiguous buzzing hum and then become
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As the sun set in the horizon he softly turned her head to him and tenderly kissed her divine lips, he then persisted to move and whispered softly in her ear,
‘Can I share my years with you?’
The envied duo hugged closely and rolled around in the long jewelled grass, they intended to get married at Christmas and agreed to move to England. This youthful young at heart pair were intensely in love.
Their daughter, who was conceived on that very fateful night, Summer, grew up to be an especially dejected, deep little girl. She wouldn’t play with her dolls like normal 9 year olds or dress up the cat, in its place she would just sit in her room and draw mournful pictures. The people who knew her thought it was just a phase, and outsiders thought it was her mother.
The truth be known, however, li-jie, was a drunk.
As River was trying on her remarkable white wedding dress, li-jie came home during the hours of darkness as usual, with blood shot eyes, and the awful stench of alcohol lingering on his breath. Without delay River was observant. After he settled down in his chair, Summer vigilantly exited the room without giving the man a cross look. Once in her room, she pushed her ears against the bitter, crumbling walls, of her dilapidated home. Through those thin walls she could hear the ear-piercing, the cursing, and the tables and chairs being turned over. Her mother’s cries and those of Cui who lay in her cot echoed throughout the house. She
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