Love In Jon Krakauer's Dangerous Illusions

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Two billionaires who never fail to get what they want. They both want the same woman.

Only one can have her.

Now that Alistair and Sophia have reunited and worked through the issues that could’ve kept them from loving each other, they go on a magical romantic honeymoon. Their time together is blissful and titillating.

Until reality comes crashing as Sophia’s worst fear threatens to destroy everything she has fought for.

Ethan’s life becomes a dizzying roller-coaster of harrowing ups and downs. While he is delighted to be working with Sophia on their charity projects in India and China, he feels the need to hire a world-class supermodel to be his new official companion. Unexpectedly, he also begins to develop the first threads of a relationship with Barbara. As he starts to see that life may have something to offer him after all—even if it’s not what he wants—he suddenly finds himself facing past ghosts he was sure he had already bested.
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Dangerous Illusions is the sixth installment of the TRUST series, a romance made of pain, loss, desire, redemption, forgiveness, and
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