Love In Notebook, Allie Hamilton And Noah Calhoon

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It is the “love” we witness from the movies that cause the confusion for many hopeless romantics. For instance, the characters from the ‘Notebook”, Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoon. Both raised in different households (basically different worlds), but yet somehow crossed paths. When crossing each other’s path at a local town carnival, Allie being on a double date with her friend Sarah. Then Noah hanging out with his friend Finn. Now in this example, It was not both of them who denied this infectious lust for one another. In the film, it seemed to show in Noah’s eye’s a certain glow that could beam to the moon, just from his friend Finn speaking Allie's name. Infatuated by Allie’s grace and beauty, Noah walks up to the beautiful girl and asks,…show more content…
You could say that the date did not even happen, probably because Messer( as he called in the film) showed up over an hour late for the date. The date did not even last ten minutes, since Messer received a phone call from another woman ( a “booty” call). Which did not please Holly very much, so she told him she never wanted to see him again. Although it was not as easy as leaving each other’s lives, both of them had mutual friends who had a beautiful daughter named Sophie. Sophies parents named both Holly and Messer Sophies Godparents and Guardians if the parents were to tragically pass away. Sadly the parents had been in a car accident and passed away suddenly one night. Still in shock both Holly and Messer took on the task to raise Sophie, without getting romantically involved. Just like most women Holly’s age she wanted a family of her own, Messer on the other hand was a confident bachelor who was living the bachelor’s sports life. They two had to deal with governmental issues, from family support and services. The social worker stated she did not want them to become involved in romantic relationship. She believed it would complicate the situation more and Sophie would be the one hurt in the end. They both agreed that was true and believed that there was no attraction of love. Holly even began to date her new daughter’s pediatrician and as for Messer dated many other eligible bachelorettes of Atlantic City. It is hard to say if the two would have fallen in love if it was not for Sophie, because based on that first blind date it was definitely not love at first
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