Love Is A Distinct Feeling

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Love is very distinct feeling. However, the word love is difficult to define and understand. It is one of the most important aspects in every human’s life. In my opinion, love is utterly unconditional and is between many people, pets, or even things. Love is very important feeling that everyone should have. Everyone should show love and receive love, as it is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Love can be felt for family members, friends, pets, lifeless objects, partners, and many more. You know that bittersweet feeling you get when you are with someone special. When your heart is beating out of your chest, and you get the butterflies in the bottom of your stomach when they reach for your hand. That is what I consider love in a relationship between two unrelated people. Between partners, love should be a relationship of understanding each other, showing respect to one another, and being compassionate towards each other. True love for a couple should be unconditional. I definitely believe in true love, as I have had many great experiences with love. For example, in September of 2013 I met a handsome guy named Dillon and we started dating. He has shown me what true love is. He loves me unconditionally whether I am sick, in a bad mood, in a great mood, or having a horrible day. He makes me exceptionally happy and I love spending my time with him. He always tells me, “If I’m not making you happy, then I’m not doing my job.” He is what keeps me going from day to
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