Love Is A Powerful Feeling Essay

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Love is a powerful feeling; it makes you do crazy thing. Many people spend years trying to find it, others give up thinking they’ll never find it. Love has been defined as an intensive feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. Of course, Love doesn 't have to romantic and/or sexual. People who are ace, as in asexual, aromantic and agender, can still be in relationships that are satisfying for them without the needs of a romantic relationship. Familial love is also non-romantic-sexual. However, in this paper, we will be talking about romantic-sexual love, what it is, and why I believe it’s so important to understand and experience. Like I mentioned in the paragraph above love is usually defined as an intensive feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone, however love is a bit more complicated than that. Love is special, it’s unique in it’s attitude and behavioral components, it’s a phenomenon that eludes easy definition (Our Sexuality, 2012). Love has always been a complicated subject; sometimes love is fickle, sometimes love isn’t love, but rather pure infatuation. Infatuation is often mistaken for love, however it is only a short lived but intense passion for someone. It’s possible that since many infatuations are mistaken love that many researches regarding the measurements of love would include individuals infatuated with each other. In one possible case, a man named Zick Rubin wished to measure love and liking. He set up 13 questions

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