Love Is A Strong Feeling

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Love of a parents Love is a strong feeling, an attraction, a constant affection to another person. Love is also an emotional sentiment that a romantic relationship has. Although love is for two people to build up a relationship together, the love of unconditional ideal parents give to their children. The love of kindness, care and tenderness that a mother provides to raise children. The love of energy, strength and concern of a father allows children to learn and to receive the best support. Naturally, many parents want the best opportunities for their children but they take effort and time to reset rules to shape up a child’s discipline. In the same manner, my parents are the ones that raised me up, helped me in many obstacles and satisfied their life to bring my brother and me to the best future as it could be. There are differences between the instruction, care, and concern of a mother and a father, but both of their love is so clearly to view an unconditional love that it goes beyond infinities. My mother is the person that provides love through her appearances. Because of my mother raised my brother and me up, she would always giving love of fondness, obsession and compassion from her heart. For instance, when I was a little, my mother is the person that took care of me when I am sick, fed me up when I am hungry and stayed awake if I ever cry in the middle of the night. I called the endeavor of my mother “compassion’ because all she does is to give her children the
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