Love Is A Universal Language

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Variety of Love “It’s like with my memories of Tommy and Ruth. Once I’m able to have a quieter life, in whichever centre they send me to, I’ll have Hailsham with me, safely in my head, and that’ll be something no one can take away” (Ishiguro 285). True love often stays with one till the end. The true meaning of love is to be in a complete bond with each other and care for one another when everyone else flees. They who discover the sincere essence of passion and achieve it with significance will far surpass anyone else’s life. It is often said, "love is a universal language." This popular saying from many movies and literary works describes the importance of love, and how there are no limits or barriers when dealing with it. They say love is blind, and bonds build in different forms. Care shown by supporters and friendship as a means of affinity reveal the context of the different aspects of love. This is finely depicted through the dystopian-based science-fiction novel, Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro, in which the love triangle between Tommy, Ruth, and Kathy not only brings out the affection of true friendship, but also the hidden feelings and confessions for one another which lead them to reveal the fondness they have for their guardians and the conscientious actions these caregivers took to ensure their safety. This is illustrated in the novel through the captivating intimacy Kathy shares with Tommy and Ruth, the amorous relationship she has with Tommy, and the
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