Love Is An Abstract Emotion

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Love is an abstract emotion that society has always tried to describe. Artists, poets, musicians, and many others have attempted to pinpoint what exactly constitutes love, but none have been successful. Through a conversation between two couples, Carver shows that love is an emotion too ambiguous to be defined by words. There are several different types of love, demonstrated by different couples throughout the story. Terri describes the love of an old abusive partner, Ed. She claims that while it was not the same form of love she shares with Mel, her current partner, it was love nonetheless. She adds he loved her enough to die for her. Mel tells her, “If that’s love, you can have it” (525). He tries to force love into an absolute by insisting that love should not be one parallel Ed’s, but is unable to successfully put this absolute into words. To explain, he tells of an elderly couple who were severely injured. As they slowly healed, they became depressed because they were unable to view each other from their beds. While Mel is unable to explain in what way this defines love, he recognizes that it somehow explains an element of love that he cannot put into words. He also tries to understand why love can evolve or even resolve. He tells the group of when he loved his ex-wife, but goes on to explain he no longer feels the same for her. “The terrible thing is, but…the saving grace, you might say, is that if something happened to one of
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