Love Is Characterized By Oedipus The King And Diotima 's Definition Of Love

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In Symposium by Plato, a group of men gather around to seek one’s full understanding of the underestimated reasons of Love. Despite having different occupations, they all seem to agree on their views of love except for Socrates. Socrates communicates that Love is a god, and then decides to add that he came to his conclusion with the help of a woman named Diotima. Although their views of love are similar, they are also different and can be seen through another philosopher’s stories; Antigone and Oedipus. Socrates’ definition of love is characterized by Oedipus the King and Diotima’s definition of love is characterized by Antigone. Socrates’ understanding of love is that love is a desire to be conscious of what you need for something you do not have and for what you have because once you have it you will not feel the need to want it anymore; love is also a display of what you already have and are afraid to lose forever. Diotima’s understanding of Love is that Love is not a god, love is a demi-god. Because, he is a demi-god, he is in between wisdom and ignorance.

For example, on page/s () of Sophocles’ book Symposium:

Socrates’ understanding of love can be seen in Oedipus the King through Oedipus’ wife and mother Jocasta. She desires to not have shame upon her throne. Once she has it, she then realizes that she does not want it anymore and decides to take her own life. --Jocasta had realized that Oedipus was her son, she acted as if it did not matter because no one knew. It…

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