Essay about Love Is Essential for Survival

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Love Is Essential for Survival Many historians believe that fire was the most important discovery in all of prehistory. They are in fact, wrong. If it hadn't been for another discovery long before that, fire may have never been found. The most important discovery was love. Many people would argue, saying, "How can we know if they loved?". I can only prove it by the fact that they survived. If it had not been for love, there would be no reason to live. There must have been, and must now be, love to hold a person to life. I can't claim to know what early man loved, whether it be the hunt, a food, or even the love of life itself. What's the most common thought after someone has lost everything they loved? Quite often,…show more content…
As soon as the falling stops the web remakes itself, maybe attaching to completely different things or combining some of the old loves to a few new ones. Sometimes, unfortunately, the web seems to have healed itself but it may not longer be as strong. The next time it may not take all the strands to break before the person is falling again. This time they may not be caught on the way down and then they hit rock bottom, the lowest you can go, hating life itself, and at this point a person no longer cares about such things as suicide as long as their life ends. This is why it's important to stay close to a person who is going through rough times. By staying close to someone there is a chance that you can catch a strand as they are falling and be their lifeline. Once I believed that love was an attraction to someone. Now however I have learned the meaning of true love. Love goes beyond adoration or longing, beyond lust and desire. True love, although it balances on the brink of obsession, is a limitless ability to want to improve yourself for the one you love, you want to become something they'll like. It's also the desire to be near that person, to talk to them, to listen to them, to feel their presence. Most important is the thoughtless process of sacrificing yourself for them. I say thoughtless, not because you lack the ability to think
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