Love Is More Than Just Physical Attraction

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Love is more than just physical attraction, it is the recognition and communication of two souls that will face all odds to meld and join the lives of two people, regardless of their differences. Through the use of familiarity, clichè, and diction, Jaci Burton develops the characters Logan and Desiree in the throes of passion and self-actualized love.
The beginning of the novel sets up Desiree, a famous actress that has been hounded constantly by the paparazzi, and Logan, a laconic ranch owner who allows the movie crew to set up base to film their production. The two lovebirds couldn 't be more dissimilar. Logan is silent and content with the quiet and satisfying life he lives. Desiree is questioning and confused at the life fortune has handed her in the guise of fame and success and prying eyes. Of course, both individuals are obnoxiously gorgeous people whose bodies are heavily sought after by those of the opposite sex. Desiree seems to be a stock character, with all she could dream of and more, an actress that found the clutches of fame. Her stockiness continues in her best friend, Colt (also gorgeous), a closeted homosexual. They have a great rapport together and easily work with each other in producing a fantastic movie. Logan satisfies his role as stock cowboy when he wears boots, jeans, a cowboy hat, and a silent brooding attitude. Their personalities are thrown together when Logan rents a chunk of his thousands of acres of land to the movie industry for them to make…
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