Love Is Strange By Ira Sachs And Mauricio Zacharias

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First released on 18 January 2014 at Sundance Film Festival,, Love is Strange is directed by Ira Sachs and written by Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias, depicting a love story between two old men, who live in New York City. The film is produced by seven companies, which is Parts and labor, in association with Palior House Production, Film50 and Mutressa Movies as well as RT Features, and Charlie Guidance, Mn...Buttered Panini Productions. The film’s distributors account for 15 companies. The film gained $117,276 in the opening weekend and grossed $2,252,580 in the United State. Maybe to cut the budget, Sachs lets his husband create painting for the character Ben. The budget for the film is around $150,000. There is a fun fact of
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Typically, these films directly depict gay love which is studios dislike to handle. Love Is Strange shows audiences the love between two old men could be so simple, just like love between a man and a woman. Likewise, Ben and George look like two kids, and nothing is more important for them than being able to living together. The film is focus on normal life of two old men. Few of studio films want to talk about life trivia, which studio are not interested in. But we can see it is some trivial and real matters that affect audiences and their emotion. It is interesting too. Foe instance, Ben interrupts Kate when she is writing, and Kate asks Ben why he don’t start a new painting; Ben answers, “It’s the hardest thing, Kate, to be honest with you. I brought all my stuff here,’s just that I can’t really work if there’s someone else around. I can’t concentrate, you know?” Does Ben realize that Kate cannot concentrate because he is around?

(3) Characters
I cannot confirm who can be easily identified with because Ira Sachs did a good job making elaborate efforts to every characters. Every characters is nice in nature. Ben Hull, one of the old men, is obsessed with sadness. Ben is likely to worry about something with his sorrowful eyes; he is prone to melancholy and sensitivity. But sometimes, he can be so excited. In contrast, George Garea is
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