Love Is Weakness ' And ' I Shall Destroy Your Happiness If It Is The Last Thing I

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Moore 1 Taylor Moore Cary Babka Theatre Arts 356 19 September 2015 Regina Mills ‘Love is weakness’ and ‘I shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do’ are some of the first lines we hear from the Evil Queen in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Regina Mills cast a curse on an entire land to live in the modern world and everyone would have fake memories of living there. Everyone would forget about where they came from. They wouldn’t remember their family or the magic. The only one who knew was the one who cast the curse. Regina’s biggest threat in Storybrooke (the name of the town she created) was Emma, her adoptive son’s birth mom, and after four season, the two women are friends. After a long road, Emma and Regina are…show more content…
Regina’s first love was killed in front of her by her own mother. Despite being mistreated by her mother, Regina always had a way with children. When she first created the curse, a boy named Owen and his father ended up in their town. Regina and Owen got along pretty well and she wanted them to Moore 2 stay. Unfortunately didn’t work out. But later, Regina decided to adopt a child, unaware that he is the savior’s son. She named him Henry, after her late father. She raised Henry and loved him so much. When Henry brought his birth mother, Emma, into town, Regina wasn’t happy. She did whatever she could to make Emma look bad. Regina felt threatened by her, not just because is going to break her curse. She is a protective mother and he is the most important thing to her. When Henry was kidnapped and taken to Neverland, Regain says, ‘All I have is Henry and I am not about to lose him because he is everything.’ About a year after this, she has more people in her life. Regina started off as one of the main villains. She hated Snow White for telling a secret and her daughter Emma Swan, for being in Storybrooke. Regina framed Mary Margaret (Snow) for a murder that didn’t even happen, and Emma for stealing documents. After the curse broke, Emma was the first to run to Regina and save her form the town. Regina had been chasing after Snow White for years, but when they met up again in Storybrooke, Snow didn’t want vengeance. When
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