Love: Love And Love

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Love. Friendship. Love or friendship. Why does one have to pick between one or the other? A relationship has recently ended. One full of ultimatums, broken promises, violence... emotionally and physical violence. Relationship that has, over the months, become full of lies, mistrust and toxic. It was hard to walk away from something and someone who one has gotten use, use to waking up every morning, talking to every single day, and simply their presence. How does one become so feed up to the point one has to find strength in order to leave, in order to find better and be better for themselves? A friendship was made that day, one where I was able to feel free, however with a burden on my heart. How did I know I was doing the right thing? Was…show more content…
When they are about to take a piece of your heart? If one is willing to lose everything the edge of the abyss would never be tall enough. But if instead you are not willing to lose it, the most minimum height would be tall enough. In reality you do not know what you have until you lose it. In life there is always decisions that need to be made. Sometimes they are small, insignificant. Sometimes they are huge, that can change everything in your life forever... happiness or sorrowness. When you cannot have everything, one must make a choice and when you do it, there is always the feeling that a mistake has been made. But, what is the right decision? How to make a choice without wondering that in the future one might regret it? Sometimes leave things how they are is the best solution. Love are emotions, and when one falls in love you can found out things about the other person that you did not know or sometimes find things about yourself that one didn’t even know. Sometimes the love of your life stops being your best friend and becomes your worst enemy.

Love or friendship? Sometimes I wonder, why do we have to choose? Why are they separated? If friendship it's nothing else than a different type of

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