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What would you do for a klondike bar? Sorry, someone you’re in love with. They’re so easy to confuse. Both are something that you look for, and are excited when you find. Both are gone quickly, but are enjoyable while they last, and both are cold at first, but warm with time. Same difference. But only one of these things will ask you to fight your best friend to the death. Some might say that Benedick should have put his brother-in-arms ahead of his potential girlfriend, but as Claudio said, “Friendship is constant in all other things, save in the office and affairs of love.” Benedick was right to challenge Claudio, He loved Beatrice. he couldn’t have said no to her. Claudio was just someone he met in the war, the friendship wouldn’t have lasted anyway. Plus, marrying Beatrice would have solidified his social standing, while staying friends with Claudio wouldn’t have, Claudio wasn’t anyone important. As anyone who’s been in love can tell you, true love only comes after a long period of believing you hate the other person. This truism is exemplified in the story of Beatrice and Benidick. After only speaking to exchange insults for quite a while, two well timed deceptions caused them to discover their latent feelings for each other. After confessing his love at the next opportune moment (right after her cousins’ entire reputation was shattered), he promises to do anything for her. She says she will return his affection after he kills the man who falsely accused her

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