Love Prevails Over Depression : Depression

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Love Prevails Over Depression Nearly one in five adults in America suffer from mental illness every year, with depression currently standing as the leading mental illness (NAMI). With this many people suffering daily, there is room for a lot of emotional trauma in relationships. While this may be the case, those with depression can often times find a loving relationship that works for their needs. There is plenty of room for error when dealing with emotionally distressed people. Depression can often be misunderstood as being sad, hating life, or being dissatisfied with a current romantic situation. These conditions can lead to tears in the relationship, but with the correct emotional support, anyone can be accepting of love. Not having a…show more content…
When a depressed person deals with mistrust, its original source can be traced back to their relationships with their parents (Patterson). Therefore, as these issues arise from their upbringing, it can be increasingly difficult to defeat the problems. However, the healing process can be supported by a partner who is willing to help work through the trust issues. Partners do not always understand why they are not trusted, even if there is a realistic reason. Consequently, while battling depression, there needs to be a system of support. However, mistrust is not easily conquered. Once you settle on it, there will always be a feeling of mistrust, no matter how small (Patterson). Friction in relationships is never a good sign as it normally leads to desertion of the bond. Moreover, loving someone with depression may be difficult as it can be hard to obtain closeness with them. Secondly, a loving connection is desperately needed for someone to understand what the other person is going through. Misunderstanding between partners is the leading cause of breakups. Therefore, when one person is dealing with a chronic mental condition, it is critical the ir significant other is there for them through thick and thin. Additionally, a foundation of support needs to be set for those with debilitating mental illnesses such as depression in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle (James, Newman, Streep, Whitbourne). This framework of support is
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