Love Reaction in the The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer

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There are more than three billion people living on Earth; however, not everyone adores each other. On the other hand, if people met Bill and Bud, two main characters from The Tender Bar, they would find them charming. J.R. Moehringer wrote an emotional autobiography about himself and his devastating life, in The Tender Bar, J.R. walked into a bookstore in an unhabituated mall, and met Bill and Bud, who changes his life forever. Many youth, teens, and adults would find Bill and Bud likeable, because the pair of them are smart, optimist, and loving. To begin, Bill and Bud are clever people, which many people would find likeable, owning a bookstore, “they had read everything ever written and were hellbent to read everything new published…show more content…
simply tells them, “it’s just too frightening to think about Yale” (6). Nonetheless, the pair of them [Bill and Bud] would not give up on this matter, and instead gave J.R. a piece of advice, “ fear will be the fuel for all your success, and the root cause for all you failures, and the underlying dilemma in every story you tell yourself about yourself” (6). When Bud told J.R. the forewarning, that night during dinner with J.R. mother, he told her," I'd decided to apply to Yale," (6), because Bud taught J.R. that lesson, he applied to Yale and was accepted. With optimistic advice, many readers would find Bill and Bud a likeable pair. Finally, Bill and Bud are loving people who most people find likeable. They guided J.R. throughout his "broken" life, when they first met J.R., he stammered, " I was nobody" (3) and Bill and Bud took him under their care like loving fathers. For example, while J.R. worked at a bookstore, Bill and Bid would supply him with works of literature. "He brought the books into the stockroom and quickly ripped the cover off each one. It seemed to cause him pain, like ripping off a bandage" (4). Bill and Bud suffered though several hard tasks that caused them emotional pain, because they loved books and thought of it as a miracle. Through this action, Bill and Bud showed their affection towards J.R... Additionally, in support that Bill and Bud are loving people, they both made

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