Love & Relationships Comparison between Today and Orwell's 1984

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Love is the basis of our existence. It affects our every moment, dreams, and hope for the future. Love has caused wars, ended lives, toppled governments and has been expounded on by poets, musicians, philosophers, and literates throughout the centuries. Research from Syracuse University shows that it takes about a fifth of a second to fall in love and it affects almost every part of our body. Our brain releases dopamine, a natural chemical that gives us energy and optimism. Love is similar to a drug and can become an addiction because it affects our brain much like other drugs by triggering the dopamine reward part of our brain. Love even affects a persons’ heart when a person is in love their blood pressure will lower and has been …show more content…
Media knows that belonging and love will sell perfume to attract, make up to look your best, items to keep your family safe and other popular items just to have what you need to fit in or belong to a certain in group. Media not only influence a person’s purchase choices but also can sway their political opinions. What is seen on the news can influence people to hate a certain group because they are a threat to the safety of families or politically influence a vote for a candidate because so families will prosper. Media influences self-esteem by suggesting finding love or being able to fit in a person should have a certain body type and if that goal is not met a negative self-image or feeling of failure could ensue. Eating disorders have been tied to media’s trend toward portraying women in certain model thinness and promoting only that body type (Neda Feeding Hope).

Media is 95% controlled by two companies NBC Universal and Sony Corporation of America. They own radio, television, networks, programming, sports and movie theaters and more. Since those two companies control what we are exposed to daily they can have a strong influence on our behavior and motivators. Media is a business and as such they are building audience ratings to promote revenue and profits (Curtis). Media is power because it influences our lives on a daily basis and because of that power it is has been called the “Fourth
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