Love Roller Coaster Analysis

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It has been over 40 years since the release of the song, “Love Rollercoaster” by the Ohio Players. I chose this song because it holds a mystery behind the recording. Legend of this song is that someone was murdered while this song was being recorded.
This story has been told in numerous versions, in which the naked model who is all sticky on the cover of the Ohio Players’ 1975 Honey album, Honey was horribly disfigured during the photo shoot because the Honey they poured on her was acrylic substance that bonded with her skin.
It is said that when she had went to the studio demanding justice for her suffering, the Band’s manager stabbed her to death. The scream about two minutes thirty seconds into the song, was Honey screaming through the glass. You would think that evidence like this
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When you are in love you feel butterflies, like when you get on a rollercoaster. Once you feel that feeling, you may never want to get off the rollercoaster of love.
Love can be simple or be a paradox, it swings you back and forth like the curves of the Rollercoaster. The narrator Bryan wrote this song to go back and show all the levels of love, from puppy love to the feeling when your partner has left you. I chose this song because it has so much mystery; the lyrics have actual meaning compared to the music of the 21-century. It has been years and until this day the legend of the mystery lives on. No one will actually know what really happened to the girl on the cover of the album. This song is significant because it talks about the ups and downs that people go through while being in Love.
This feeling can have a huge affect on an individual and can leave you wanting to always feel Loved, when the honeymoon is over, that is when everything starts to fall, like when a rollercoaster goes down the sharp downward fall. Then finally when you’re down you come back up and feel those butterflies
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