Love : Why I Live At The Po And A Rose For Emily

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What is love? How can it be defined? Love can be choices, destiny or lust. Sometimes people choose our own partner or chosen by our family. Love can be also conducted by destiny, when both peers don’t know why they attracted to one another. When a person loves someone just for a day, or not feeling that they will be together forever, we can consider it as a lust. Love stories are dominant in our generation as people might have experienced different kinds of love in their lives. In “Love in time of Cholera,” “Why I live at the PO” and “A Rose for Emily” are the example of love stories, which the flow of the story is about the protagonist’s love life. Different protagonist has a different aspect of love in the stories. Perhaps, there are people who attracted with plenteous love stories.
Florentino Ariza, a man who still waiting for his crush to live with him. When he was a teenager, he met a girl named, Fermina Daza, in the park. During that time, Florentino didn’t have the chance to approach her. Moreover, he did try to give her a love letter, but she didn’t respond to the love letter. After a long time, they reunite for the first time, yet Fermina Daza already has a husband. This creates a great heartache when he faces the truth that they had married. Sooner or later, Florentino becomes fed up to wait for her. He becomes addicted with affairs as he had slept with many women. Although he has done colorful experiences, he still wanted to wait for Fermina’s response. In some…

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