Love and Courtship in Shakespeare’s Day Compared to Modern Views on Love and Courtship.

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Love and courtship in Shakespeare’s day compared to modern views on love and courtship. During the renaissance the Europeans saw love and courtship as two different yet important parts of life. It concerned expectations of families and communities, not just the longings of the couple. Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night Dream’ gives us a clear view of a typical situation when couples fall in love and defy the rules. In the play there are four characters (Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius) all of which fall into one big love catastrophe. Both Lysander and Demetrius loved Hermia at the beginning of the play, Hermia loved Lysander and Helena loved Demetrius, as the play goes on both Lysander and Demetrius fall in love…show more content…
In comparism dating is a much informal way to get to know you’re beloved. It is a private affair between two people who arranged to meet somewhere, usually in public. Such dates can be watching a movie in the theaters or having a meal together in a restaurant. Dating is a situation where the people get a chance to find out whether they are suited for each other before getting to know each other in a spiritual intellect. Dating can engage romantic talk, kissing, making out, and sometimes sex. Even without the preventive rules of courting dating can often lead to permanent relationships and latter on marriage. Overall dating is a product of a modern day society and is a generally evolved with behavior that has developed as a result of sexual freedom and disposing of religious, ethical and social standards. Every now and then A few Renaissance couples, ran away to be married in secret. They did this so they can marry for love. Defiant couples faced greater obstacles to elopement because many Anglican communities required parental consent. This applied especially for couples below certain ages. No matter how strict the rules were there were always some clever couples who managed to bypass them. In the play midsummer’s night dream Hermia and Lysander run away after hermias father Egeus gives his consent to Demetrius ‘Demetrius, stand forth. My noble lord, this man hath my consent to marry

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