Love and Guilt in Sophie's Choice and in Sound and Fury Essay

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William Styron, who wrote Sophie's Choice, sought out other novels to appreciate an author's thematic and stylistic choices. One of the novels which Styron admired was Sound and Fury, by William Faulkner. Styron embraced some of Faulkner's approach to writing and this can be seen by juxtaposing both Sophie's Choice and Sound and Fury. Love and guilt are major topics which both novels share. These emotions are felt by humans everyday, but having too much of both of these elements can prove to be negative for the wellbeing of mankind. Sophie, the main character in Sophie's Choice, must embrace the loss of her family-her parents, husband, and children-due to the Nazi party in Germany. In the final chapters of the novel, one of Sophie's…show more content…
Stingo was unable to help Sophie, though, so he expresses guilt because of the inability to prevent Sophie from ending her life. In Faulkner's novel, guilt is represented in a similar way. Quentin Compson grew up admiring his older sister Caddy. One way he showed his fondness for Caddy is by telling their father that he had committed incest with her and had impregnated her. He did this to conceal the truth about Caddy; that she became pregnant from her secret lover. Although his efforts were great, Quentin could not convince their family about him fathering his sister's child. Caddy was sent off, leaving her newly born daughter at the Compson house. Quentin lived with the guilt of what happened with Caddy through his adulthood. His life abruptly ended when he decided to commit suicide, just as Sophie had done. Included in the final thought process of Quentin Compson, he mentions, “you cannot bear to think that someday it will no longer hurt you like this now were getting at it you seem to regard it merely as an experience that will whiten tour hair overnight (Faulkner, 107).” This proves how Quentin loved and was deeply upset by what had happened to his sister, and he could not bear to live with those emotions anymore so he made the decision to end his life. In both novels, guilt has gotten to the best of both Sophie and Quentin. This exposes the

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