Love and Passion in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Love comes in many forms like falling in love. Sometimes people are driven to extremes because of love, also known as their passion. This passion is the cause of wars, suicides, killings and love. Thinking that their thoughts and feelings are the absolute truth drives the passion that causes these deaths, love and change. Hamlet and Claudius can be categorized by their immense passion for what they believe to be true. These passions cause them to become increasingly rash and ultimately are the cause of their demise. Hamlet is continuously mentioning his mother’s new marriage in demeaning terms and through various puns including mentioning how he is “too much in the sun” (Act I Scene II Line 69) a pun on how he is a son to his father and mother and now to his uncle. He also is baffled that his mother “within a month… married with my uncle” (Act I Scene II Line 149, 155) however this was all of his thought process and he is not taking any action against anyone other than through his words. However when he debates taking his own life, he weighs the options and decides if the threat of the unknown “makes us rather bear those ills we have” (Act III Scene I Line 89) which shows the possibility of acting on his thoughts but in this moment he will not. He begins to act when he decides to write the play to break Claudius; he even remarks that he wants to catch Claudius’s “occulted guilt” (Act III Scene II Line 85) through the play’s underlying meaning. When Hamlet walks in and
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