Love and Sexuality in Hamlet Essay

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The aim of this paper is to analyze the themes of love and sexuality in one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, Hamlet. As a playwright, Shakespeare depicted human nature profoundly, therefore, in Hamlet we may find as many kinds of love as the number of relationships that are described and intermingled. There is romantic love, paternal and maternal love, and friendship, which is love among people of the same rank, class or sex. The love present in some of these relationships is sometimes connected or overlapped with sexuality, even in cases where it is not expected to. In the following pages we will try to illustrate how two attributes which all human beings posses are shown and experienced by the characters in Hamlet. Let us discuss …show more content…
Otherwise, we may conclude that Claudius had sexual relations with Gertrude while Old Hamlet was still alive. Not only does the Ghost attack his brother, but he also calls his wife?s honour into question. He suggests that the queen is seemingly virtuous, which tells us that he does not even trust his wife, that there might be a possibility of an adulterate relationship with Claudius before his murder.
There is no evidence in the play that may account for the existence of real love between Claudius and Gertrude. Claudius?s love for the queen may be genuine, but it most likely seems that he married her as a tactical move, to help him win the throne away from Hamlet after the death of the king. At the fencing match Claudius warns the queen ?Gertrude, do not drink!? (V.2.268) when she is about to drink the poison. We may think that through this warning Claudius is showing concern for Gertrude, yet, he may also be worrying about the success of his plan to kill Hamlet.
Another instance which can account for the lack of love between Gertrude and Claudius, from Hamlet?s perception, is when he crudely tells his mother: ?You cannot call it love, for at your age / The heyday in the blood is tame [?]? (III.4.68:69). Even though Hamlet might be saying this out of rage, he means that love and passion vanish as times goes by and his mother is not
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