Love and Wealth in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a novel about a rich socialite, Jay Gatsby, who tries to win back his love, Daisy Buchannan. Nick Caraway, Daisy’s cousin, is the narrator who brings the reader through the time of the roaring twenties to tell the story of Jay Gatsby. The 1974 film of The Great Gatsby, directed by Jack Clayton, follows the detailed storyline closely by mirroring it, but also adds and takes away some aspects of the story. There are many comparisons that can be made as well as contrasts through the actor, scenery, music, and script choices for the film.
The actor choices from the film compare to what the book envisioned, but also contrast. The character of Daisy is not similar in the film to what the book described her as. In the book Daisy’s voice is “…the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again” (Fitzgerald 13). This quote describes a pleasant voice to listen to, a voice that is as beautiful as music, but in the movie Daisy’s voice was too high-pitched and not pleasing on the ear. Another character that is not similar in the film as in the book is Tom Buchannan. In the book, Tom is “…a sturdy, straw haired man of thirty with a rather hard mouth and a supercilious manner” (Fitzgerald 11). However, in the movie the actor who plays Tom is scrawny and not as built as pictured. The actor whom played Nick however was almost exactly the same in the film as thought of in…