Love and what is needed for it exist as seen in two works Essay

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Love and what is needed for it exist as seen in two works

Love is a deep emotional feeling toward a person. Love comes in many forms, each being expressed in slightly different ways. There is the mothers love which she has for her child; a love of self, which aids in self preservation and self worth; there is love shared abroad to friends and family members; and love between a couple. Everyday we pass by people expressing affection and love, and partake in loving experiences with the people we encounter as well. People tend to think of love as just words, a term to signify devotion, many times this type of love disappears. The existence of true love stems further than just four letters, and a lack there of can be viewed using two
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And I will help you to love me. We deserve the life everyone else has”. “We deserve not to be different” (Wasserstein pg 20). Varinka realizes that a life lacking love, is a life missing great meaning. Many people may think that Varinka’s proclamation to love Byelinkov a sign that she does not know real love, instead I see it as an acknowledgment that love is faithful, and she knows that over time, her care for him will grow and her desire to do all the things that signify love will flourish as well. She hopes that as she is treating Byelinkov in a loving way and he will in turn reciprocate and display love for her also.
C.S Lewis’ We Have No “Right to Happiness”, is an essay about the breaking up of two couples to pursue new relationships, the essay starts, “Mr. A. had deserted Mrs. A. and got his divorce in order to marry Mrs. B., who had likewise got her divorce in order to marry Mr. A. And there was certainly no doubt that Mr. A. and Mrs. B. were very much in love with one another” (Lewis pg 724). This incident spawned Lewis to think about the concept of a “right to happiness”, which is what Mr. A and Mrs. B. pursued. Although the neighbors of Mr. A. and Mrs. B. believe their relationship is coated in love I disagree, since their last marriages ended in divorce. Love involves an emotional investment and commitment and neither of them showed dedication toward their first spouses. Mrs. B’s husband fell ill after the war, and wasn’t of an able mind or body anymore,
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