Love as a Muse

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There can be no art without love, therefore I know love is the Mother of all Muses. There are many kinds of love, you may be in love with an idea, a pet, your newborn, your work, your partner, or with God. In the last two cases you are passionate, and you find yourself at the peak of your inspiration, you are exalted and fell like being under the influence of a powerful drug. When in love, an artist knows no limits. When in love, one is generous and selfish at the same time, one loses oneself in the other, but one also comes out like a new person, when a relationship ended. Love means extreme happiness and deep suffering and these extremes have always meant fertile ground for an artist. Love and war know no barriers and there are no rules in love therefore creativity can flourish undisturbed. There is no ethic in love and the great artists have been known for creating their own universe and laws, regardless of what time and place they lived in. To fall in love means to let yourself experience as much as possible and the creative juices appear to flow without reservations only when the artist lets him or herself free of all obstacles. Love makes multiplies dreams and dreams are the sources of works of art. You want to express yourself when you love and your art is the best vehicle an artist can possibly have. When in love you get never tired or bored, so the opportunities to create are endless. When romantically in love, you feel inspired by every glance, anything the other
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